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An Erasmus + project on climate change for secondary school students of three European UNESCO Global Geoparks

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GEOclimHOME is an Erasmus + project which involved secondary school students of three UNESCO Global Geoparks in Europe: Rokua in Finland, Sesia Val Grande in Italy and Chablais in France.

The main focus of the project is climate change with related problems in term of knowledge on driving processes, understanding of consequences on natural and human environments and possible adaptation measures to increase resilience of our society.

The context of the project span from the contents of national school curricula to the international sustainable development goals (SDGs)

The activities take place in the UNESCO Geoparks territories, where natural and cultural heritage offer better targeted perspectives of sustainable development.

We propose to focus these needs on climate change effects for developing critical thinking on this topic, in order to increase the awareness about climate change and to make students understand the active and passive man’s role towards the environment.

Therein, climate change effects can be seen both in terms of impacts/risks and resources/opportunities.

The objectives of the educational activities are also to enhance within students the awareness of social responsibility, in order to stimulate active citizenship and discover new job opportunities accomplishing the needs of sustainable development, sustainable future and life-style.

The Agenda 2030 SGDs
The UNESCO Global Geoparks

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